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264 TEC High Power LaserMount

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264 TEC High Power LaserMount

(fixture shown with optional connector)

Standard Device Support
The standard 264 cold plate has mounting holes that support the following devices:

  • JDSU L3
  • JDSU L4
  • Alfalight AM6
  • many others

Optional device-specific eletrical interfaces may be available (such as the 2-pin L4 connector shown in the photo above). Contact the factory to see if we have a suitable interface for your laser.

  • TEC controlled
  • 30W capacity at 25 °C
  • Customizable cold plate

Active Cooling
The 264 TEC LaserMount was designed for high power devices needing active temperature control. With its large heat sink and integrated fan, the 264 can handle high thermal loads and broad temperature ranges.

Customized Device Support

If your device does not fit onto the standard hole patterns, the cold plate on the 264 can be customized to work with your device. Typically all that is needed is the data sheet for your device. Contact the factory for details and a price quote on customization.

Thermistor Control
The mount uses a 10K thermistor for temperature feedback. More details on working with thermistors can be found here.


    Laser Package Supported

Various, contact factory

    Thermal Capacity


At 0°C delta from ambient, 25°C ambient temperature

    Cold plate

2.2" x 2.7" solid copper, nickle plated

    Input connectors
    Laser Diode

DB-9, male or 9W4, male

    Mount TEC

DB-15, male

    Temperature Control
    Temperature Range (°C)

+15 to +85

    Sensor Type

10kΩ Thermistor

    TE Module Imax (A)


    TE Module Vmax (V)


    TE Module Qmax (W)


    Size (H x W x D) [in(mm)]

3.0 (76.2) x 4.5 (114.3) x 6.0 (152.4)

    Mounting holes

¼-20 x 4